Carolina Widow

Whispers weave through leaves of seedlings like nimble fingers
Pulling fine silk threads creating patterns of beauty on looms
Garden spiders drink drops of morning dew from webs proudly crafted
Sporting bright yellow bodies, alike the color children paint the sun
Grubs buried deep in shallow graves thrive in fertile black soil awaiting
Feeding on grassroots with ravenous appetites for three years
Until they victoriously spring forth like the buried now transfigured
Showing brilliant metallic green backs, these Japanese beetles arise
Feasting on dazzling clusters of bright red flowers as they slowly bleed
The Crepe Myrtles of their ceremonial dress leaving wreckage behind
While the earthworm wiggles delightfully between freshly tilled soil
In charitable earth in a bee garden left for planting on another tranquil day
A Mud dauber packing cells where newborns live on lifeless black widows
Buzzing wrathfully with black wings flying too close to children’s smiles
Wrinkled fingers seasoned with a mixture of sunshine and picking cotton
Hold on to timeworn white painted arms of her ancient outdoor rocker
With arthritic knuckles that ache and swell much like her delicate spirit
As she recollects the grin from her man covered in mud arriving from the field
She smiles as she catches a swirling whisper of their once night time chatter
While opportune feet move to a proverbial beat as she rocks and recollects

By Joni Caggiano 02/13/20

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA – Photo of Crepe Myrtle by Joni

9 thoughts on “Carolina Widow

    1. Hi my dear friend Bulbul you are an inspiration to me and such an encouragement like Gabriela with Short Prose Fiction. The magazine you are editing, is coming along so beautifully. Your encouragement lead to me sending in some work which I am so humbled that it is going to be published. Some photos will be published as well. You really made a difference and I will always be grateful for your kind heart ❤️ and love. Hope you have a blessed weekend. Much love Joni

      1. Thank you, Joni! I am so glad and honored that you think so.
        The magazine is my start to something new and the team is really supportive, I am grateful to Peter for giving me this opportunity.
        You are really talented being , dear, its your hard work that is reflecting. I am excited to see your pics which Matt chooses.
        Its all you, my sweet Joni. Have a great weekend. ❤❤🤗 Cheers

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