A Tale of Two Widows

Tails of green, blue and silver playfully splash, By the beach house’s old tattered white pier. Red is the color of their long surfacing hair As the old widow watches them swim near. Mermaid twins with pearls woven intricately into, Crowns made elegant with thin, spaced fishing lines. As a child, she had long adored […]

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A Gift

Lord thou hast loved me like a babe, and washed me afresh in water. Oh my Father how You have endured My ceaseless multitude of prayers. Rescued from my own weak and feeble heart, I sensed your limitless love and forgiveness. By the cherished blood of Thy Own Son, My spirit, therefore, was cleansed and […]

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Humble Myself

Oh God, my enemy’s who hurt my heart I must love, I cling to your teachings and the affection you sent With your beloved son Jesus who now reigns above. In my life, I am never worthy of your love, for I’m bent. The sinful thing that I am, born this way, and yet you […]

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Skin Still Soft

Wrinkled fingers clasped together to form hands in prayerLooking toward the heavens, she asks Friend, are you there? I’ve lived a long life she thinks warming  herself by the fireI am all that’s left; my situation seems so lonely and dire. I am old and tired my Lord she whispers and I’m ready to  goMy bones ache in this […]

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Seen From Heaven – A Tear Fell

Inaudibly the brown, white and playful striped Tapir now gathered his small herd into a warming pond. Examining the smoke as it was nudging quicker, in the ever toxic air which was visible with the dawn. Lush no more it’s trees or meadows in the low land, Our Father now saw the inferno growing swiftly […]

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The Garden of Gethsemane

Christ loved, was devoted, preached, and fed and did so many heal,What trying thoughts, must have he borne, and carried with him here,Could he feel the anger and the hate from the many, as he did thus kneel? As Jesus prayed to his Father, Peter, John, and James fell  off to sleep,Flesh took over, giving way […]

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More Poems Written at Age 17

Together To float above the mountains snowy pointed tips, Reaching the rainbows end, with our homespun ships, Playing patty cake with little elves that bring the mornings dew, Oh yes, my eternal love, that was truly me and you! Spending golden weekends on the forever smiling moon, Observing the whole world from inside our glass […]

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