Santiago’s Sorrow

Flute notes echo with soft drum beats, as a human soul does sing
Tearing from a body floating up, leaving all trivial earthly things

Dressed in black, Santiago, Chile, morns her dead as angels sound
Vineyards abandoned, red copper and steelworkers sadly abound

Her City’s kindness, a handmade doll, given to this guest in tears
Wrought with shadows of sad yesterdays and her unrealistic fears

I mourn her dead, victims of a plague, and her every beloved one
Ready to greet others, who went before them, and God’s Only Son

Sweet smiles, and grace her City, I found, when I was woeful there
Love given a stranger, ungloved, as now I bow down to say a prayer

Written by Joni Caggiano on 06/18/20 – Image is free with WordPress

I was in Santiago many years ago and so distraught that I cried in front of a kind woman who worked in the hotel where I stayed. The next day she greeted me with a beautiful doll. She told me how she had gone to her mother’s house and worked late that night to make me this handmade doll in hopes that it might make me happy. Everyone I met was so kind in Chile. The people were gracious and warm, and it is a magnificent city to visit. The people are loving, and there are beautiful, old historic vineyards to visit. Whatever you do there, you will not forget its generous people. I mourn their loss tonight and pray for all lives lost this day. Love, Joni

20 thoughts on “Santiago’s Sorrow

  1. Beautiful poem Joni and a lovely way to remember a place that made an impact on you. The sad images transcend the words and reach the soul. Take good care and all the best to you and your husband on this rainy Friday in Spain

    1. Thank you dear Francisco. You and your wife and other loved ones please stay safe and careful. We will have rain here for three days as well. All the best to your loved ones as well. Hugs my friend 🤗 Joni

      1. You’re welcome Joni! You too, take good care and the rain, well it always passes, here it’s already bright and sunny ☀️ as our rainy season is in October/November, summers are usually nice and hot 🥵 40 degrees!

  2. Such a heartfelt poem dear Joni. It sparked with raw emotions.
    Your experience of Chile was so sweet. This poem reflects all those emotions❤❤
    I’m not much connected with world news. What happened in Chile? Is is connected to Covid19?
    Sending you love and hugs. Have a wonderful day dear friend❤❤❤😘
    Love 💕💞

    1. Hello dear Ishita, thank you for your very kind words my dear friend. Yes Chile is such a wonderfully kind place to visit. They have had and continue to have so many deaths. I have read that India is also bad again. This came from some people we know who have people still in India. It was a tribute on their kindness. I hope you stay blessed and safe too dear Ishita. Love 💕 Joni

      1. It is absolutely my pleasure❤❤
        The entire world is struggling. But we will get through it.
        Thanks for your good wishes💕 You stay safe too😘
        Love and hugs

    1. Oh thank you John you are a kind soul. Thanks for the reblog. Very kind of you my friend. I hope you have a blessed day and please be safe. Love, hugs, and buckets of flowers. 🌸🌺💐💐 Joni

      1. You are very graciously welcome oh kind lady. I hope you are safe. Much love, many
        hugs and many buckets of flowers to you.

      2. You are very kind to others John. Reading and reviewing other people’s books and introducing many people by rebloging their post is very kind of you. I appreciate your gracious support my friend. Sending you and all those you love prayers for safety, love and many blessings my friend. Thank you for the flowers. They are virtually all over our home. Hugs to you. 🤗❤️💕 Joni

      3. Thank you. I do what I can in trying to help others get noticed particularly those who have great stories like you. I am glad that you enjoyed the flowers. Many hugs to you.

  3. A beautiful piece, Joni! It is descriptive and highly evocative. I loved the form and flow. It pulled me right back to my own memories of a beautiful and generous peoples. Well done! ❤🌹❤

    1. Thank you Brad. I read news yesterday about the virus which I rarely do and saw what was happening. I appreciate your kind words Brad and glad it made you think of something positive. The people in Chile were so warm and gracious. I hope you have a blessed and wonderful day my friend. Sending love and hugs and prayers for safety. ❤️💕🙏Joni

  4. Such sad ramifications of death as distress. Tourist go into another country to be delighted with the surfacing if good, when actually every tourist is journeying into the land where inhabitants have buried their dreams with sorrows. I love the blue imagery because has a calming influence. Very very touching Joni! I hope that your weekend is at a vibrant and loving start! Hugs and Cheers! 💕🌺💕

    1. Hi my friend. I appreciate your taking time to read my work it means a lot. You are always so busy. I am so glad you liked this poem. I am glad you liked the blue. By the way when I made the grits and shrimp my husband said that it may have been the best meal he had every eaten. Big secret – two cups of real cream and one cup of vegetable broth, two tablespoons of butter and salt, pepper and cayenne pepper on the grits. Talk about getting in all your calories in one dish. Have a blessed weekend my friend. Love to you and yours, Joni

    1. Thank you so much dear Anna. I did get a bad flu with cough and fever but was tested and it was negative. I am fine now. I pray you are well also my friend. I go out with mask maybe once every two to three weeks and that is it except to walk. We are very careful. Please be safe and I pray God watches over you also. Love you Joni 🤗💕❤️

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