The Fallow

A man stood up in a field, he was dirty and his hair mattedHer smile met his, and she and this homeless man chatted Where did you come from sir she asked already knowingWell I lost a boot and was searching, the girl smiled sowing Seeds of love for some might need planting like a […]

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White Flower

To you who give your love to Him unseen, unknown His love aboundsDrifting from your locks, hues of ruby, golden wheat and reddish brownsAdulation, knees red from our supplication drift up to God, Our LordTo smite the enemies of His devoted with the Authority of His SwordAngels with coronets of Sacred Blue Lily and the […]

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Sunkissed my lids and dew melted in my hands as I leaped Laughter bounced from the soft snowy clouds echoing a call Wings of buttery color with hues of scarlet and cerise rose Angels of Protection with skin transparent and features unique Exquisiteness which held no conceivable description flew softly Yet reverberations like thunder imparting […]

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Outdoor Cathedral

Pressing past the rock with fist opened yielding with the crevices Joy touches my content heart like little feet stomping ripe grapes Flowers liberate pollen as their songs melt into a stew of hazy dyes Red-bellied Woodpecker yearning for love lets out its shrill cries Glorious maiden is the Willow oak as I hug her […]

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Haiku – For God’s Glory

God illuminates Japanese magnolia pinksings in frigid air blossoms paint a spacebirds and trees clothed by the LordAngels weep sweet tears Rejoice rejoice allcries of animals are heardHe waits and watches never does He leavehearing every single prayerincalculable I see you Jesusin all that is beautifulYour Face there imparts Written by Joni 02/17/20 – I […]

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Keyless is my lock, yet I readily surrender myself completely,to my thinning skin with shadows of whispers and prickling flesh.Secrets buried beneath a stratum of my dried and cracking crust,as my haunting heart hungers for a yielding stillness, I can truly trust,until my essence is so sweetly scented fading back into ash and dust. Struggling […]

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Psalm to Twilight

Sweet the twilight tears of yesterday where hope exist in our glorious worldGod illuminating the nighttime, the moon and stars light the corridor of our pathMoonbeams kiss the dark hours bringing forth the white MoonflowerNocturnal moths drawn to its scent to pollinate the center of the five-pointed star Synchronizing their flashing as they dance while […]

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wings fold peacefullysoothing is her holy songgazing over child by Joni Caggiano – 01/11/20 Photo by Joni

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