Memories Etched in Photographs

Poem by JK Caggiano – Photography by Alexander Lowe (Unsplash) 50 second read

Pussy willows motion to a yellow warbler, for its pollen drips like liquid gold.

Focusing your lens, you beckon your loving directions softly to me.

My heart hastens its beat, warming me, as I follow your instructions.

Flip flops shed on the pond’s edge, where we have poured our passion and fed our love.

My white dress hugs my hips, as thin material is like a second skin, as I enter the water.

Surrounding my waist, I throw my reddish hair back, and my curls kiss our liquid mirror.

No longer can I see your dazzling green eyes, but your smile makes me quiver.

My laughter echoes like a child on a mountain range, as you joyfully click your camera.

Preserving our love in moments, etched on film in your darkroom, I am yours.

My white dress now hangs on a chair, never to be washed, for your smell,

and the scent of honeysuckle is written forever in black notes.

Only the white keys of the piano will play for me,

when I can remember, once again, the name of that boy.

A woman dressed in white gives me a tiny cup filled with pills,

I wonder who she is, as a blue butterfly,

once again,

seeks refuge in my room.

34 thoughts on “Memories Etched in Photographs

    1. Thank you Brad. I really appreciate your reading and commenting. Glad you enjoyed it. These last two poems were about my first love. It helps to have lots of memories to draw from. Sending lots of love your way my friend. 💕❤️🤗😘Joni

  1. Beautiful Joni, full of images and emotions, full of feeling. Thank you for such lovely words, and such truth. I wish you a great week. The weather is now lovely in Valencia, it seems like Spring has come back, however, instead of heading into summer, it is winter which is around the corner…but I am ready for it. Lots of love, peace and happiness to you and your husband. I hope things are good in NC. My friends from Florida tell me the state is a disaster zone, protesters interfering with people’s daily lives, fear of the virus, lamentable economic situation…I pray for peace in the US. Take good care, my friend, and all the best,

    1. Hello my friends, thank you for your kind words. Yes, things are a mess in the States. We just pray about it every day. It is also gone cold here as well which is a welcome relief. The fires, protest and needless deaths of black Americans is so upsetting to me. I just continue to pray every day with my husband. Thank you for your prayers for America that is extremely gracious of you my friends. You two take great care of one another. Love and hugs to you both. Joni 💕❤️🌸🌺

    1. Oh Tiffany my friend, thank you so much. I am so glad you like it. What a kind comment. Thank you really, it touches my heart. Have an amazing day and the rest of the week, my friend. Love to you xoxoxo Joni

    1. Thank you for reading Anna. I am sorry that reading has hurt your heart today. My friend I did not mean to hurt your heart. Love and hugs my dear friend. I feel so blessed to have found you. Strange you were on my mind yesterday a lot. I just kept thinking of you. Sending hot cocoa, slippers that will be placed on your feet by the fairies that made them, a wonderfully hand made quilt to cuddle up in and an ocean full of God’s Grace. ❤️💕🤗🙏Joni

      1. You are a gem, Joni. <3 I am so glad God brought us together. That we share a similar history may be tragic. It is, also, however, an enormous comfort. By articulating your own pain so eloquently, you give voice to the tens of thousands who have experienced abuse in all its ugly forms. In that there is both hope and triumph.

      2. Thank you so much dearest Anna. I feel the same so grateful that God brought us together.

        Your words are such a comfort to me as I do want to reach out to those who have suffered or that are currently suffering.

        Thank you sweet Anna. Yes, and so thankful for all the hope. Love to you my dear sweet friend.

  2. Sweetheart, this is so beautiful and so painful at the same time. The execution is perfect. It is a shining piece.
    I hope you had a wonderful weekend honeybun.
    Sending love and fresh flowers
    G (button)

    1. Thank you button. Your words are like fresh honey. I wondered if anyone understood it’s meaning. This was her first love, when she got old and was in a nursing facility at the end she remembered him but not his name. The blue butterfly was him visiting her. I bet you got it.

      “The execution is perfect. It is a shining piece,”

      Thank you so much Button. You have an amazing week my dear Button.
      Much love,
      Honeybun xoxoxo 💖😘

      1. Good morning sweetheart. It’s a very moving piece. And yes I thought that the interpretation may be that but I was not sure. Thanks for letting me know.
        Sending love and blessings
        G ( button)

      2. I knew you would understand the meaning. Thank you Button so much for your sweet on-going support.
        Thank you for all the love and blessings. Right back at you. Love ❤️ Honeybun

    2. Thank you button. Your words are like fresh honey. They simply mean the world to me.

      “The execution is perfect. It is a shining piece.”

      The house has your beautiful flowers on the table. They are divine. Thank you Button.

      Love and hugs,
      Honeybun 😘🤗💕❤️🌸

    1. Oh you are so kind and have made my morning with your beautiful words my friend.

      “You poets are special beings. You have God’s eyes that wouldn’t miss a thing.”

      What a beautiful thing to say. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

      Have a special day my kind friend for you have already made mine extra special. Love ❤️ and hugs 🤗 to you and all your loved ones. 🤗💕

  3. Oh Good Lord, Joni. You just broke my heart in the sweetest of ways. Walking away with eyes full of tears and a heart full of Your lovely words. Wow. Thank You. 💖💖💖

    1. You are so welcome. I am so grateful that you were touched by my words as that blesses me. Have an amazing night my friend. Love and lots of hugs 🤗💕❤️Joni

      1. Oh….smiling. And Thank You! I hope You have an amazing, sparkly day!!! Love and hugs right back at You!!! How sweet and fun You are!!! 🤗❤️😊

  4. I’ve had the pills (or their equivalent) creeping up on me in one form or another…

    but I’ll always take the butterfly.

    Especially now, as the world becomes so harsh and small, and little cups crop up everywhere.

    1. Thank you for reading and your thoughtful comment. Everyone’s interpretation is different with each poem, that’s what makes poetry so wonderful, don’t you think?

      The poem is meant to be about a woman who was deeply in love with a young man or her first love. He left her for another. She is now much older in a nursing home with Alzheimer’s and she is trying to recall the name of the boy who she was in love with. She is an old woman who never recovered from that loss of love.

      Often Alzheimer’s patients don’t have current memories they hold on to memories that occurred when they were young which is strange but true as I was a charge nurse on an Alzheimer’s unit for a short period of time on a contract. Yet I fell in love with these very special people.
      Hope you have an amazing day my friend. Love ya Joni 🤗💕❤️

      Does that make sense?

      1. Makes total sense.

        I always want to respond poetically to what you write here, because you write in a way that evokes the poetry in whoever reads it.

      2. That is one of the kindest things about my writing that anyone every said to me. Thank you my gracious friend. 🤗💕❤️🦋love to you Joni

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