Mourning Laughter, my latest poem published by Spillwords Press NYC

Closing weary eyelids, my ornamental iron doors
with too many latches
Revolving thoughts like planets in an endless orbit
stealing my nocturnal peace
Breaking the painful silences with cricket songs
and a chorus of spring peepers
My conscience drifts within the smoke from a scented candle
through countless keyholes

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Photo by Joni: Iron Gate Wilmington NC
Photo by Joni Caggiano – E-520 Olympus Digital

14 thoughts on “Mourning Laughter, my latest poem published by Spillwords Press NYC

  1. Splendid, sweetheart. Congratulations. I will come back to this poem because it deserves plenty of attention from my part.
    See you soon and sending you plenty of love. You got 5 stars.

    1. Thank you Brad I saw that first thing this morning and it made my day. What a gracious and fabulous review you wrote. Thank you so much my friend. It was very kind of you. Have a blessed day. Love πŸ’• Joni 🌸🌺

    1. Well thank you for your humbling words seriously. I am so glad you liked it and thank you for your extremely gracious words. Love and hugs Joni. Have a blessed evening Debby

  2. I read this over at the other site, but couldn’t figure out how/where to comment (exhaustion is taking over πŸ™‚ ). It’s definitely an exceptional piece of writing–stellar, stunning…one of those “wish I’d written it” ones πŸ™‚ <3

  3. Joni, I read it again. It’s a superb work. The metaphors are beautiful and intricate. The atmosphere is stunning. It is really a work to be framed,
    “Departed too long, even the musky scent of you I did so cherish
    lies buried alongside my innocence where I go to mourn
    behind the heavy iron doors”
    Absolutely gorgeous.
    I hope you are having a great evening sweetheart.

    1. Thank you sweet Gabriela. I am always thrilled when you like my work. You are always so gracious with your support which means the world to me. Thank you Gabriela, I have had a good day I hope you did as well. I still feel like we need to be safe and I pray you will be careful for a while longer. I am so grateful to Spillwords for publishing my work. I consider you a mentor, I hope that is ok beautiful Button. I hope you have something special planned for your pre-order day even if it is on FaceTime. Love you Button. J (honeybun) πŸ˜˜β€οΈπŸ’•πŸŒΈπŸŒΊ

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