The Angel Oak

Giant was the fearless Angel Oak whose roots grew down deep
Watered by God’s creatures who safely came to her to weep.
Her massive and twisted branches lie softened in green moss
To ease the burden, she gladly carried with every single loss.
She bore the weight of tragedy for hundreds of earthly years,
Instead, she clapped and sang at night and gladly bore their tears.

by Joni Caggiano 1/8/20

Photo by Joni

8 thoughts on “The Angel Oak

  1. Beautiful!

    It would be nice if we all considered the interconnection between all of God’s creatures that need the tree, not to mention the other trees and surrounding life, a world in and of itself, before we cut it down for human convenience.

    1. You are so right. We should all appreciate the wonders and benefits to all God’s creations. Thank you for reading and commenting I really appreciate it. Love 💕 Joni

    1. Even the Bible talks about trees clapping. I believe that all life is special but you are sure right there is something we don’t even begin to understand about trees. I love the ancient trees. Hope you are having a good day my friend. I am sending love and friendship your way. Love 💕 Joni

  2. Such touching poem, trees are indeed by far the best thing that happened to us!
    I am loving your photos, Joni, this one makes me want to visit the place…it’s so serene and calm.

    1. Thank you sweet Bulbul. This was taken in a graveyard In Savanna, Georgia. It has such gorgeous Angels and the trees are very old with Spanish moss everywhere. Thank you for your kind words. Hope you have a truly blessed week. Love 💕 Joni

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