Sunday’s Hay Field

Photograph and Poem by Joni Caggiano


sadness is a raw wound wrapped in bandages
living in the thought of a picnic without dancing ants
a family carrying a basket with lost Sundays and sandwiches

listening to the radio, pretending to dance
bitter the old man who can no longer stand to eat corn
toothless, he remembers the river swallowing a closing glance

his son, innocent, had been whisked away
mother wren sang a song of inequality to her infant child
harvested wheat, like pieces of bound trust, what would Ruth say

tiny red boots thirst for the rain to play a game
rainbow dancing, colors smiling in puddles cooling skin
gray hair still smells of lavender, she smiles and jumps the same

she lived in a rum bottle with them as a child
but oh how tiny feet have spun time and ridden life
songs know her name and sunsets trace her dance in the wild

 “So Ruth stayed close to the women of Boaz to glean until the barley and wheat harvests were finished. And she lived with her mother-in-law.”

Ruth 2:23 NIV 

39 thoughts on “Sunday’s Hay Field

    1. Thank you so much Tim. That means a lot as your writing is amazing. You have been blessed with so many gifts. Love to you both. ❤️🤗😘💕

  1. What would Ruth say… A very powerful and somber poem, so full of images and perfectly placed precise words. A lovely effort Joni, and a masterful photograph. Wishing you and your husband a lovely Friday and weekend ❤️🙂🌞🌹🍷

    1. Oh thank you Francisco you just made my Friday. I am so glad you liked it and also appreciated the photograph as well. We passed that field on our way to somewhere, two days ago, and I have always thought those enormous bundles of wheat are so beautiful. What a very lovely comment. You two enjoy your time together as well. Just like the emojis much love, sunshine, flowers and a glass of a wonderful red. 🤗😘🌹🌞🍷

      1. Sound wonderful. We enjoyed the wine when we were in Spain so much and dining at 10:00pm and then walking for two hours after that. You two have fun. ❤️🤗💕🦋

  2. My dearest Joni, this is absolutely gorgeous. The metaphors are truly breathtaking and so beautifully thought out.

    “a family carrying a basket with lost Sundays and sandwiches
    listening to the radio, pretending to dance
    bitter the old man who can no longer stand
    to eat corn”
    Such lovely and heartbreaking lines!❤

    Loved this poem🌹🥰
    Stay safe and take care. Love and hugs🤗🥰🌹❤💕

    1. Thank you so much Ishita. Your comments are precious to me as you are such a gifted poet. I will be looking to see if you found time this week to write a piece. Thank you so much for reading and your encouragement Ishita it means so much. You and your family stay safe and sending you buckets of hugs and love. ❤️🤗😘🌹🌸🌺🌻Joni

  3. Wowww!! Fantastic dear join..! The Bible verse!! Woww!! I’m truly happy to see dear!! Such a wonderful piece..! Very beautifully penned dear Joni!! Love and hugs ❤️🤗

    1. Thank you so much sweetie. I really appreciate your kindness and support. Hopeful your weekend will be amazing. Love and hugs 🤗 Joni 🤗❤️🦋😘

      1. Woww!! My beautiful friend, you’re such a kind and sweet soul..! Yeah!! Hoping the same for you dear..!🤗🤗🤗💕❤️😘

    1. Thank you so much Jeff. I so appreciate your kindness my friend. I am delighted you liked the piece. Love and hugs to you my friend. 🌹🌹Joni

  4. Always love your poems Joni! This is reminiscent of past days that deserved more than you were given and so thrilled you are now. Such a great poem my dear friend that’s closer than far❣️Happy weekend💖💖

    1. Thank you dear Cindy you are an amazing friend. Sending you love, hugs and prayers always. You are closer than far. Happy weekend to you too. Love ❤️ Joni

  5. Beautiful photo and poetry, Joni! I am always blown away with how you use words so effortlessly to create such dramatic emotions and feelings, you are amazing!😊🥰💕

    1. You are such a kind lady and so gracious with your words Tiffany. They touch my heart and I am very grateful for your support sweetie. May you have an amazing and inspirational day. Sending gratitude and love. ❤️🤗😘

    1. Thank you Anna. I do love the story of Ruth so much. Her humbleness is something I like to tell myself I strive to emulate. Her love and devotion to her mother in law touches my heart so. I am not surprised you love that story at all. You have touched the lives of many in your career and made a life of touching and loving others. ❤️🤗😘🌺Happy Sabbath dearest Anna. ❤️🤗😘✝️

    1. Thank you so much Henrietta. I thank you for your beautiful comment. I saw that hay field and we turned around so I could take a picture I always think hay looks so beautiful when it is all neatly stacked and laid out. Hope you have a blessed weekend my friend. Love Joni xoxoxox

  6. Always a beautiful poem & the hay bales in rounds is what surrounds me in Montana. There are a few old school farmers that use hay stacks, it’s really neat to see them. Love you bunches & I love reading feedback on your work. It’s a treat for me

    1. You are such a sweetheart my dear friend. I too, love the look of those bales. They are so beautiful. We could not believe that you get as many hummingbirds as you do. Thank you for reading and commenting Janette. I love you and you are on my mind. Thank you for being so supportive during this neck ordeal. I am so grateful for you. I hope the fairies have been fanning you with their wings to cool you off there. I bet you have a great suntan. ❤️🤗💕😘🦋

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