We Dance For Silence

Like a snake sheds his skin so go we, those of us who bravely venture onFilled with heightened senses as vigilantly, we quietly roam till dawn. Exposed our emotions on our shoulders perched like the raven black,Hearing whispers, feeling stares, why we grow eyes high upon our back. Lost amongst the others, those who gather, but wonder […]

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Open Your Gate To Love

Rise like the winged seeds of the maple, to the sky like the feathery spines of the cottonwood and the plume-like seeds of the swan plant, to sow new love, and memories of those that have hurt you. Forgive those whose injustice tore your heart, Giving way towards peaceful places to walk, Fresh found beauty […]

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Pierced with sharp objects the skin grows tight, Disillusionment fraught with dishonesty stings, As those you love, with one swipe cut at your wings! Your adversary hides like the spider in a new web, Jealousy, cruelty and embitterment take a slice, Your heart is now fully aware of their shallow device. Your tissue toughens to […]

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The Military Man – My Father

Lost for wise and fair words as I struggle sadly trying hard to understand, This five-foot-four, striking, but mostly drunk this lonely military man. Before his sixteenth birthday, he took off to the horrid deadly Korean war, Crippled was this young soldier inside and out as the memories still tore. Dad, would pick up the […]

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Taken Down A Notch or Two

A couple of days ago I was taken down a notch or two. It was a blessing for me. I can’t spare too many inches as I am already only five foot two. However, I find myself a bit shorter today. I realized that I had judged someone a bit harshly who I felt had […]

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Always God’s Child

I pray that when I’m out and about, that you will see, God’s wonderful Love and mercy shine through me. Although I am a sinful creature and I can surely stray, It’s through his loving grace that I am blessed this day. Without any condition, my exalted Lord does so love, All his children who […]

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The Garden of Gethsemane

Christ loved, was devoted, preached, and fed and did so many heal,What trying thoughts, must have he borne, and carried with him here,Could he feel the anger and the hate from the many, as he did thus kneel? As Jesus prayed to his Father, Peter, John, and James fell  off to sleep,Flesh took over, giving way […]

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Love and Tears Blended

I stretch out my arm,Feeling soft skin,A tender reminder,Of hearts joined together. Somedays sadness comes,Reaching inward to tangle,That which holds me together,My faith, my love, my heart. No train, bus or car,Can travel my path,Or live my life for me,I must keep moving and be strong. Again, I stretch out my arm,Forgetting how to cry,Tears […]

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