“He is” – now live on hotel masticadores

Sigöldugljúfur (Landmannalaugar) Waterfall, Iceland – Photograph by Inge Johnson via Alamy

the savory smell amongst loblolly pines and chestnut oaks

whispers lying beneath scarlet sunset which calls nocturnal animals to rise

the slope of a mountain, the roar of a waterfall that tumbles with immense force to mold and smooth the pebbles within

smells waft from the head of a newborn, milk swells in the breast of the mother at the sound of the baby’s cry

a hummingbird whose wings flutter rapidly, eyes inadequate to count

soft green moss a deer drops its babe upon, as it awaits the pains of giving birth to another fawn

small wren tosses leaves into summer gust, until her fledgling’s supper is given with care

maker of life, smells of petrichor after a seasonal storm, like the creator of silk from lily pads

To continue reading please visit my first publication on HotelMasticadores – thank you to its new editors Michelle Ayon Navajas and J re Crivello for kindly publishing my poem.  

“HE IS” poem © 2023 Joni Caggiano

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