God’s Hand

Poem written by Joni Caggiano on 07/28/20 – Photo by Stephanie LeBlanc


flower petals float into my hair
sand gathers in hills by midnight air
the moon closes her lid and darkness will fall
cypress grows in a marshland that forgot to call
creation blooms and acorns smile, as they are buried in sand
while God walks a lost child home, embracing her precious hand

47 thoughts on “God’s Hand

    1. Thank you Francisco. Just a little moment in time hopefully to remind people God hasn’t gone anywhere. He is with us now as always. Churches are struggling right now and those that can continue to support their churches I hope they will.
      Thank you kind friend for reading and commenting it always means a lot. You and your sweetheart have an amazing day together. On a different note – the guest post you did was really something Francisco and the music was really beautifully done. I wonder if you have ever written scores for movies. I bet you would be great at it. Love and hugs to you both, stay healthy, take wonderful care of each another. 💖🌸🤗❤️Joni

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      1. Thank you Joni, you are a lover of God and a beautiful soul on this Earth and I thank you! Now, reference a guest post? I’ve never done one…
        All the best to you and your husband, may you enjoy a great week and a safe and peaceful time.
        Take good care and all the best!
        Francisco 🙂

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      2. I am confused and a little embarrassed Francisco. I sent you a response on Instagram. I would sure like to know whose video and music I was watching of this very talented female artist. I have been sick with a migraine and dizziness, perhaps I should’ve been on line at all. Love 💕 Joni

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    1. Thank you Brad. I appreciate your sweet words. Yesterday I must have started six poems but nothing felt right. Does this ever happen to you? Or do you just work on it until you get it right? Today I am going to get pad and paper to place in all my favorite writing places. Thanks again for that reminder yesterday. Hope you have a great day my friend. Sending you lots of love, hugs and blessings this morning. ❤️💕🙏 Joni

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      1. I am a bit tenacious once I have gotten something started. But, I too, have to put things down sometimes and return to them with a different perspective and mind set. It is all a part of the process. They will come to fruition when the words feel right to you! Hang in there! Tons of love to you! 💖🌹

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      2. Thanks Brad you are a sweetheart. I appreciate your support. You sound like you have a process just like me it comes when it does. Thank you so much. I feel better all ready. I feel your love. Sending lots back. ❤️💕💖Jonikins

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      1. Oh thank you sweet friend. I am so glad you are having an uplifting day in the Spirit. You need the rest you work so hard. Sending you lots of love my friend. ❤️💕🤗💖☕️

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      2. Thank you for posting some of my poems on America On Coffee’s site. I am honored and feel free to put a full stanza of any poem on your site if you want to as I am very appreciate that you are doing so my friend. Prayer is truly what we need my friend. Our world is in pain and God hears the cries and He wants us to wake up and love each other and the beautiful world he gave us. xoxoxo Love to you, Joni

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  1. Breathtakingly beautiful♥️♥️♥️ This poem touched my heart.

    “while God walks a lost child home, embracing her precious hand”
    This last line…..just WOW. You have gorgeous talent.

    Love and hugs to you and your dear ones💕💕💕💕

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