My First Published Poem and Photography

Please celebrate with me my first published works in a wonderful on-line magazine, “The Finest Example . . .”  The link to my work is here.

To see additional artists and their work, please check out The Finest Example

Thank you all for your support and I would like to thank the publishers of the magazine as well.  Love Joni


49 thoughts on “My First Published Poem and Photography

  1. Congratulations! You are an amazing poet, writer, and photographer! I loved this poem and the photos are stunning!

  2. Congratulations, sweetheart. So well deserved. I love the poem. It’s so beautiful.

    while fairies stay warm in a bubble of air.
    Their numbers have dwindled like bees..

    I want to be with the fairies 🙂

    Love and hugs to you, Joni.

    1. Oh thank you my sweet friend I wrote a thank you to Bulbul a gifted writer and one of the magazine’s editors and told her that you have also been one who has encouraged me as well as her. That just means so much. I am grateful for your kind comments and also your work as my husband and I both enjoy it so much. 💕 love and hugs to you. xxx

    1. Thank you my dear friend. So appreciative for your thoughtful words. I am so glad you liked the poetry and images. So much love, and blessings upon me today. Hugs and much love back Francisco. 💖Joni

    1. Thank you C.D. I appreciate your kindness and your thoughtful words so much. I have been overwhelmed with congratulations from talented writers like yourself all day. I am so grateful. Have a blessed weekend my friend. Love 💕 Joni

  3. Your writing is always from deep in your beautiful heart–I’m very happy for your publication success, well-deserved, Joni. May God continue to bless and prosper you <3 <3 <3

    1. Oh thank you my sweet sister. I appreciate your sweet words so much. I hope you had a wonderful time with your friend Friday night. You should write and submit one of your lovely poems to the magazine. I hope you will. Love 💕 you Joni.

      1. Thank you for the suggestion to submit a poem–your encouragement is so lovely! How are you feeling, re Shingles?? My prayers continue!💕

    1. It was an honor and a blessing for me. Thank you so much. It was such a pleasure working with your wonderful team. I don’t think the magazine will be small for long either. Love and hugs Joni

  4. Big congrats to my best friend & talented writer! I am so incredibly proud of you & thankful to be included in your journey of your writing, it’s an honor. I loved the comment about showcasing your work, it certainly deserves to be seen by many! Love you much

    1. Thanks sweet heart. That is why you are in the dedication in my book. You have been a trusted supporter of mine for years. You have been on this journey with me. I just need to get our little family back to the Pacific Northwest again. Love you buddy. 💕😘

  5. You are an inspiration to survivors everywhere, Joni. You transmute sorrow into beauty. Thank you for sharing your talent. And thank you for the person you are, dear friend. Much love, A. <3

    1. Thank you so much your words mean so much being a survivor yourself. You gave back and still do. I love you Anna. ❤️❤️❤️❤️Joni (You are very Special)

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