Hot is your mouth I seek
Like a white owlet moth
Burns his casing to tap
Such an urge as he darts
Towards his death in the
Fierce your grip my love
Drawing me inward
How you bind my heart
With raw emotion-sensing us
Immersed in our cosset
Closing weeping eyes
Joy seeps overwhelming
Energy surging as we float
Escalating breath endures
A cascade of explosions

By Joni Caggiano 02/10/20

I write these verses as I think of the road in which marriage takes us down. It is much like the splendor of a tree. The branches twist and turn, and some are splintered or even broken until they become resilient.  As it ages, it becomes sturdy, dependable, and bringing and supporting life. Wisdom comes with years, experience and work.  Marriage is like a seedling planted that with God’s help and grace becomes something truly amazing.  I am not bragging; I am breathing easy, which was not always the case. I am thankful for my blessings this day and every day. God tells us that trees clap, and I believe that I will one day talk to trees as well.  Until then I am particularly grateful for my earthly light, my husband.   Love Joni


Banyan Tree – Taken by Joni in Hawaii

29 thoughts on “Us

      1. We will get take out and try and rent a good movie. I believe a lot of holidays are commercialized and just a way for businesses to make money. We should be kind to people everyday and shouldn’t need a holiday to do it. Knowing you I am guessing you feel similar. These kinds of holidays also make a lot of lonely people sad. Not a big fan. Hope your ribs are better. Wishing you a great week my friend. Love 💕 to you

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      2. I like your plans for the “love holiday”, and you’re right–I agree with you about the commercialism, and the truth that we should love people Everyday! My neighbor–a new friend who’s a Christian lady–and I plan to make dinner together. We don’t need men to celebrate with–we have full lives blessed by God. Thank you for your prayers regarding my rib injury–God has been faithful as Healer. I’m feeling no serious discomfort now…and I even made a grocery trip (I walk up a small hill, about a block or so from my apartment). So, next up–I need to vacuum, but I won’t rush it, haha! Blessings to you, Joni!!💕

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      3. That sounds like a lovely plan for Valentines Day. I am so grateful that your neighbor has been a special blessing God knew you both needed (I don’t really believe in coincidence). Also grateful you are better my friend. Please don’t push it with the vacuum. I understand then urge but try and be kind to your body that might smart. Love you sweetie.

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      4. Absolutely, there are no coincidences in God’s plans! Thank you for your wonderful prayers…and permission to not vacuum, haha!! My prayers continue for your healing–hope you are not too miserable with the shingles! Much love to you as well, dear Sister💕

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    1. You and I are both blessed in that we have both been blessed with partners that love and care for us and vice versa. We don’t take that for granted either. Thanks for the sweet comment. Love 💕 Joni


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