Keyless is my lock, yet I readily surrender myself completely,
to my thinning skin with shadows of whispers and prickling flesh.
Secrets buried beneath a stratum of my dried and cracking crust,
as my haunting heart hungers for a yielding stillness, I can truly trust,
until my essence is so sweetly scented fading back into ash and dust.

Struggling to forget that remembrance resembling an unmarked grave
of a magical innocence lost in fall’s carpet of leaves and forgotten times.
Buried just beyond the massive Willow oak of my youth and its crimes.
Colors mix with nature’s caress and fresh air which carries me lovingly away
from nightmares that swiftly strike their sword to diminish childhood play.

For now, carved, a shelter delicate yet strong like an egg’s armor where I feel,
safe, as my breath is like a song which sends forth my overwhelming love
upon the wings of the sparrow or the red chested Bleeding-Heart dove.
Coming safely here to cry, tears of dancing joy seen only in a child’s face,
yes, peace has beckoned and lighting-bugs circle sweet Gardenias in a vase
where locks don’t exist, and fairies sing when Angels dance in my magic place!

By Joni Caggiano 02/01/20 – Photo by Joni


24 thoughts on “Lockless

  1. I agree with your readers, you write with lovely imagery ❀ Sorry to hear NC has been dreary–it is gray and windy here today–but spring WILL come! πŸ™‚ Have a blessed weekend, Joni<3

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    1. Oh nice to here from you my sister. I hope that you are having a blessed day. Looking forward to catching up on reading all the post I have missed in the last two days. Thank you for always reading and commenting. Love πŸ’• you Joni 😘

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  2. “….safe, as my breath is like a song which sends forth my overwhelming love
    upon the wings of the sparrow or the red chested Bleeding-Heart dove…”
    Oh Joni, I’ll be carrying these words in me. Thankyou for your precious gift and that you share it with the world. Love you! 🌻

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      1. Thank you Janette that is quite a compliment coming from you. You have always had an amazing eye and talent behind the lens. Thank you sweetie. Love πŸ’• you


    1. Thank you for your thoughtfulness Anna. We are sisters of some of the same pain and crimes. Innocence taken from a child is always a horrible crime. I was placed in situations I should have never been put in due to lack of care. Strange how the abusers can so easily be family because they know the situation better than anyone. We are so blessed to have our faith. I am so very sorry you were ever hurt. Please don’t read my work if it hurts too much dear friend. It is impossible for me for these things not to still hurt sometimes but we are trying to help. I love your kind support but I don’t want to hurt your heart. We made it and we are warriors. I look up to you and your success and think – look what she has overcome and how much she has achieved. I hope we help people reach out while they are still going through the abuse. Love you dear Anna. β€οΈπŸ’•

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    1. This has got to be one of the kindest compliment in regards to my writing and also hope of helping others that I have ever received. Thank you so much for these words. You have been so kind to me my friend. Your support means the world. God Bless you dearest Anna and thank you again. Love you Joni β€οΈπŸ’•πŸ™


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