Once Treeless

Paralyzed by emotions, dismal visions haunt my eye’s memory
Faces in plates, probing hands of strangers, and the smell of pee.
Fairy letters under wet pillow laid, hoping they will set me free.

A veil of melancholy wraps me like a cocoon as dread is calling.
Our neighbor plucks buckshot from the leg, her husband’s shot.
The smell of Lysol emits from her wrinkled mouth, such an odd lot.

Insides stolen from abuse, dehydration leaving only pitted bones.
Hiding food in underwear for I can’t eat as the vultures are too near,
God give me grace to make it past another haunted holiday year.

by Joni 12/12/19

The holidays are hard for Adult Children of Alcoholics and others for a variety of reasons. This poem is written and dedicated to my best friend Janette and all who have sadness over the holiday season. May blessings bring warmth, love, grace, and forgiveness to those who have harmed your hearts. I love each of you as well as my new friends in the community.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA – Our Very Happy Home – Photo Joni Last Year With Clapping Trees

19 thoughts on “Once Treeless

    1. Thank you my friend for writing and commenting. Yes it is and although when I was young the internet was not available it is a blessing to reach out to those who are suffering to let them know they are not alone. I have grown into a place of peace. Love ❤️ Joni

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  1. Thank you for the dedication Joni, you are a treasure to me. I love the picture you posted with the snow. May you find joy in this holiday that isn’t tainted with nightmares of your past. Love you much

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    1. Thank you so much. You know I don’t make a big deal out of the holidays. We usually go out for dinner but this year we did put up tree and buy a few gifts for our grandchildren. We celebrated it on the 16th of December. You are so right my friend the holidays were always a disaster so being thankful every day is definitely the way to go. God bless you for being a warrior and also for loving your inner-child. Thank you for the thoughtful advice as well. Nice to meet another ACOA. Love Joni


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