Open Your Gate To Love

Rise like the winged seeds of the maple,
to the sky like the feathery spines of the
cottonwood and the plume-like seeds of
the swan plant, to sow new love,
and memories of those that have hurt you.

Forgive those whose injustice tore your heart,
Giving way towards peaceful places to walk,
Fresh found beauty to carry your dreams and
You will be stronger for it, for I am living proof.
For wrath and hate binds you in your cage.

Bound and unable to sprout you wither in pain,
Silence and terror can surround you and become,
An insalubrious breeding ground for survival only.
Breach those binds and sail the skies and transplant
Your seeds in new love and places rich with promise.

Poem by JKC 9/18/19


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