A Blanket of Surrender

Pure, unfiltered thoughts pour over me
Tossing me underneath the moss
Deep within the blackened bog where
Thick, sprawling sediment and algae growth
Capture and hold my feet prisoner
In the southern pond of my youth.
Honesty a blanket of both surrender
And protection from the outsiders
Who may hurt me as I am the landlord of a
Delicate and old-soul-heart which resides
Within a protective and restricted
Shield made of mermaid glass and fairy
Pearls and things unknown to most.
Misunderstood but comfortable within
That window protected by the mornings
Droplets caused by the dampness I call
My home, my heart, and a place I no longer
Feel a need to clarify for those unfamiliar.
I am home and no longer lost or needing to explain.

By Joni 9/9/19

5 thoughts on “A Blanket of Surrender

    1. Thank you so much for reading my work as I certainly admire yours. I am truly glad you liked it. Sometimes I don’t know how far to push the envelope especially with my political and religious feelings. My husband always tells me if it doesn’t invoke thought it probably wasn’t a good piece of myself or writing. Again, thank you for your kindness. Love Joni

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      1. I think it is great to push the envelope, but ti can be hard to push past the fear of sharing your inner feelings and thoughts because people can be mean. I think when you can evoke a response when writing there is power in that, and that is a gift you have. Our stories and perspectives may all be different, but there is something to be learned from everyone. Love and peace 😉

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