Fairy Circles Returneth

(This is Part 2 of the Fairy Circle poems – for Part 1, please click here)

A splendid surprise hiding behind our tomato bush yesterday morn,
Little eyes peering through half-eaten leaves was the first sign,
Then a distant yet distinct sound of a tiny, bellowing, playful horn.

A baby bunny with tender eyes did stay a while to eat a healthy lunch,
When the trees began their clapping and hummingbirds started to dance,
Then riding on dragonflies, they came with great purpose in a fun bunch!

The fairies were back, although their circle not fully completed and yet,
The activity was beginning as they brought their baby teeth in tow,
For the rains came the day before and mushrooms grew without regret.

Providing shelter for the fairies as they worked, sung and danced,
Always respectfully and quietly I crept closer to their whitish ring,
With our tiny rabbit along, we both bent down and quickly glanced.

Busy with baby teeth, gems, stones, and their secret fairy treasure,
Making beautiful gifts to place under pillows far and wide they’d go,
To excite surprised, toothless children and fill them full of pleasure!

by JKC 8/20/19

Pics from husband Scott iPhone SE

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