He Called Her Daughter

Imagine I, the constant pain, cramps, and fatigue that did torment her so,
The isolation, humiliation, and curse that came along with her red flow.
Twelve years forsook by her bleeding which she could not  manipulate,
A loyal woman of Our God, she followed all the law, it did so stipulate.
She sought a cure that for twelve years could not be found for her curse,
No affection, not even a hug or visit, she now also held an empty purse.
Weak and all alone, I can't imagine how her heart must have broke,
Now from a stranger, she heard, "Jesus is coming." the words he spoke.
So weak as she did crawl through the crowd passing in between feet,
Just an edge of his worn garment she touched in the crowded street.
For she knew that with one touch of his clothes she would, be well at last,
Her flow did stop, her story tolded and now she was no longer an outcast.
Then Jesus called to her, Daughter, it is your faith that has made you well.
Trembling, she did not want to trouble Jesus, but on her feet, she fell.
No longer unclean, back to worship, family and others she was free to go,
Powerful faith in The Son and her love for Him would bear seed to sow.

By Joni 7/6

Mark Chapter 5: verse 34 (NIV)
34 He said to her, “Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace and be freed from your suffering.”

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