Our Children

Talked, loved, prayed over, and sung to, oh yes, so were all the wee ones,
Carried, protected, little bodies as they swam so blissfully in warm water,
Tiny hearts formed and beat inside, nestled safely, God’s blessed miracles,
Oh, how we loved you so, before we ever looked into your precious eyes!

Psalm 127:3
“Behold children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward.”
Psalms 139:13
“For you have formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb.”
Exodus 20:12
“Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long in the land that the Lord our God is giving you.”

Our children are a blessing from God. We do the best we can to raise them and give them the finest life possible. We teach them about our Lord and we hope that they will remember what values we tried hard to impart into their growing hearts and minds.

We taught them how to be kind, to love others, and how to share. We also taught them how to develop a sense of empathy for others that were less fortunate. Working hard to make a living, we set an example we hoped our children would learn.

My mother died before I was thirty. Even though my life was hard as a child and teenager due to my parents’ alcoholism, I loved them.

When I left home I developed a friendship with my mother. We called our weekly conversation, “Having Coffee on Saturdays.” We talked through the telephone wires, long distance every week at the same time. Long distance calls were expensive and a gift we gave one another each week. We shared our stories, our troubles and she listened and gave me advice. I cherished and looked forward to that hour or two every Saturday. As a young mother, it was too expensive to travel the three thousand miles very often.

To me, my mother gave me the greatest gift of all which was strong faith in the Lord and his son Jesus. She gave me my first Bible at the age of thirteen and I still worship with that Bible today. It is worn and tattered, but it holds the everlasting word of Our Lord.

You only have one mother and, take it from someone who knows, you will always miss her when she is gone. So if you are one of the blessed who still has your mother with you this week, celebrate her and ask God to shine his light upon her and give him thanks for her.

A passport picture of my mother and me that she had taken in Germany. I was born on a US Army Base in Germany and we were leaving to come back to North Carolina. She was so young herself and I imagine how frightened she was at taking such a long journey by herself. I love you, Mom!

2 thoughts on “Our Children

  1. I don’t think I knew or remembered you were born in Germany Joni. I think it is pretty amazing how much love you express to your Mom with your childhood upbringing. You are a beautiful human being


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