As One With Nature

Among God’s trees, I sit in silence.
Closing brown eyes, I wait and listen,
To the soft rustle of the forest,
Much like the faint sound of old cars.
Birds' songs are sung, unfamiliar to me,
As a lawnmower sputters in the distance.
Neighborhood dogs bark in an unruly chorus,
As the coarseness of dried, dead grass,
Feels harsh beneath my dirty, bare feet.
My spirit is at such peace in this place.
Our haven, for God’s nature, grips me,
Tugging at my tender heart, I feel it,
The oneness with God, and our Father's earth!
Taken with an old Sony Cybershot by Joni

5 thoughts on “As One With Nature

  1. This reminds me of my childhood when I’d walk in the woods with my best friend, my German Shepherd who loved and protected me unconditionally. Even after the fall in the garden, how much beauty our Father has left us!


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