My First Love

Oh how it is like,

A spring that feeds the brook that flows gently, tapering below it,
The soothing whisper of a breeze when your hot skin aches to be cool,
The full moon when you’re alone, which lights the corridor to your secrets,
The tall cattails with furry brown heads that loom over the lily pads afloat,
Tears that begin to flow freely, creating a reservoir of a yearning release,
A piece of unkempt hair, put in place, by the tender nudge of a loving hand,
A field of swaying hay, with a blanket providing comfort for a summer nap,
Tender touches creating a silent shiver, causing hair to stand on its end,
A hand reaching in the dark knowing exactly where it will eagerly be met,
A smile of anticipation familiar with memories, to cherish until time’s end,
Dreams that still charm their way into my serene and sleeping hours,
Memories tucked into my youthful heart, of my first, sweet, and pure love, 
His smells, a strong hand brushing back long hair and his lovely swagger.
And the stabbing pain that tore into my heart the day he left me for another.
Taken with a Sony Cybershot

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