It’s Me, The Clown

If you’re a child of an alcoholic, do not be quiet,
don’t accept the blame, shame and don’t be silent.
Yell out to your friends, and tell the world around,
If your one of the three personalities, I’d be the clown!
Read, share yourself, don’t suffer alone in some dark place,
It’s not your disease or dysfunction, and you’re not a case.
You’re a child, a little one, that deserves to be a child,
And to scream, play, enjoy life and laugh out loud.
Reach out, expose that elephant and please don’t evade,
Put the disease in the light, instead of hiding in the shade.
You’re an innocent, there is nothing at all wrong with you,
For I lived this life and I am a superhero, and YOU can be too!
OLYMPUS E-520 DIGITAL CAMERA – My sweetie took this of me while I was being a child!

2 thoughts on “It’s Me, The Clown

  1. I love that picture of you Joni, you look so sweet & lovely. Thank you for sharing all your stories so others who have lived a similar life are not ashamed of themselves. Love you


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