Earth Day Past

Larger, bigger, better, for we must have it all, now, don’t you see,
Forget about the love surrounding the wise old grand oak tree,
There will always be another, whose sad cries for us to silence,
By the axes and the saws which inflict their deadly dose of violence.
Dead now are the deer, beside of the old, dusty, country road,
Silencing the cicadas, crickets, and all the stubby-legged toads,
A million-dollar house they’ll have it all, by George, they will,
It doesn’t matter, how many trees and living things they kill.
Catching up with the neighbors, let’s forget about the honey bees,
Lightening bugs and all buds sweet, and don’t forget the lost breeze,
The honeysuckle which grows there it’s fragrance so to gently tease,
Brown and dead now, without the music, I drop to my knobby knees.
I pray our children will be kinder, wiser and love this southern land,
When the hard rain comes now, there’s nothing left but the whitish sand,
Nothing will soon grow now, as the topsoil is all slowly washed away,
Into our water, spewing up the chemicals, pesticides and poison spray.
Hope you love that big new house, electricity, water, plastic, and other waste,
The American dream, you know the one, we're all programmed to chase,
Hope you catch it soon you all, for the tears I cry, are for our planet earth,
Without water, soil, food or honey bees, how much you think it’s worth?
The trees, animals, birds, and creatures fair, bleed blood for us to hear,
Outside will soon be sterile, no spiders, snakes, or anything left to fear,
God’s earth, with a vengeance will fight us back, for what we’ve done,
Land laid waste, scorching clay, treeless land will be in the burning sun!
One earth, God gave us, to love, nourish, and take such tender care,
And the pollution from the four cars, spewing gas fumes in the air,
I pray to God, we will get better and learn from the mess we have made,
So, back into my fairy’s hole, our secret place, where we should have stayed.

A Once Lush Haitian Landscape Now Barren After Deforestation and Erosion – Photo Taken with Apple
I-Phone 4-S

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