Glorious Times

Clinging to the lulling tail of time, I pulled it fiercely for to grasp,
Back towards the rising of the mist where my secrets passed.
Where teeny fairies captured, in a Mason jar, sang to winged fireflies,
And when I let them out to play, they roamed about the nightly skies.
The giant Magnolia trees whose blossoms sang, just for me at night,
As I, the ballerina danced, my stage lite up by vivid trails of starlight.
The forest filled with animals who gathered by the wise ancient trees,
To watch my dance, and clap their hands to join in tune with joyous ease. 
Then floating on the wings of the wind, on my magic carpet, I would ride,
Where angel’s spread their feathery wings, and children never cried.
Sometimes wrapped in their wings they sang their flawless songs to me,
And then the stories of heaven, and where I too, would someday surely be.
I would visit often, I rode upon the unicorns and danced with elves alike,
We picnicked in the golden clover, eating all types of tasty sweets till night,
Then a moonbeam would gentle pick me up, and take me softly to my bed,
And then I thanked my God, before, on my pillow, I placed my sleepy head.

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