Ultima Cena

He would sit with the twelve to eat,
And to gaze into their brotherly faces,
As he girded himself to wash their feet.
Time to break the unleavened bread,
To share the cup of wine with all,
As each of them, was by Jesus fed.
This bread is my body given for you,
This wine my blood which I shall shed,
These things, you see, will soon be true.
There is one of you who will soon deny,
That he ever even knew me, 
And for three times, he shall tell this lie.
Another one Jesus said, would him betray,
They all denied it, and said no, not ever,
Yet one, would soon do this thing today.
The priests would gladly offer to pay,
The price, was thirty pieces of silver,
For his timely kiss, to give our Christ away.
How our sweet Savior was forsaken,
Already knowing what was to come,
For that night he would soon be taken.
Scripture fulfilled to give hope, and so we must, 
For the sacrificial Lamb, did pay the greatest price,
So now, and forever, in Christ, we must always trust!

Read Matthew 26:17-30 and John Chapter 17 for the Holy Bible’s Word Regarding the “Last Supper”


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