A Lonely Child

Floating fools with blackened brows of dreaded fear,
As cubes of wax block out the words they do not hear,
Pupils shattered cut with glasses from a broken show,
Vision gone, lights always out, she wonders where to go.
Yellow nose of pollination we wonder, why, do you make,
Beauty for a thousand kings but nothing for our sake,
A cordless puppet danced in circles laughing at its peers,
Instead of buying worthless tickets they all threw in their tears.
Childhood picture of Self

2 thoughts on “A Lonely Child

  1. You were so tiny & yet your eyes tell a sad story that no young person should have to tell. Love you for sharing your story to help others.


    1. I hope that it is helpful that is my prayer. Thank you again for visiting and reading and your kind words of encouragement.


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