Ode to Our Love

Oh life, oh my love, your pure endowment to me,
Your heart so tender, its blossom opens up to spread,
Budding forth to share that which bonds us evermore!
Stubborn strength laced with wit and valiant charm,
Hands that know my small aging body’s every inch,
Our passions blended fiercely by our intermingled bodies.
Exposed am I, for no veiled secrets there to hinder,
My fears, hopes, dreams and each newly stirring thought,
For naked I am, before my love, as all is fair and true imparted.
Releasing all of me, no prisoner am I, to fear, his loss or rejection. 
We are a reflection of one another, in our acquired loyalty and belief,
For my profound commitment lay embedded in his utter trust. 
Your spirit speaks tenderly, floating interiorly towards mine,
As our joined bodies, merge with aroused heat and energy melting,
For we lay connected, intertwined, as a sculpted vessel of ardor.
Our hearts become one beat, one blessed intrinsic design of life,
Equally yoked, pressed inward and forward a virtuoso performance,
In life, faith, and trials as a fearless force in concert, we shall triumph!
Into one, our strength in our union is our joy, peace, and overflowing faith,
Our sacred oath is rooted in one so abundantly wiser and greater,
And as in life, so in death, freely placed our we, in God’s loving hands.
My Darling – Married on 7-13-96 to Forever

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