Shared Pain with Little Sis

Eyes red, painful, and swollen from tears that bleed,
Broken, shaken, and scarred visibly, deep down inside,
Her sporadic lonely dance is one of hopeful survival,
Shaky, breathing hard and recklessly she moves about,
Floating, mind rushing, exhaustion like the tugging mire,
Settling in, pulling her under, consuming her untimely frailty!
Lost, in her graphic memories of such horrid madness, 
Clouding, dusting, fogging up her world with cruelty,
Pushing back the sun, sounds, and loving gestures, 
The dusk lies wait for her, eyelids weary from the wait,
She remains a lost child, in the darkness, of such sordid acts.
Restraining her small naked body sternly during childlike years, 
Interrupting her innocence, and taking callously her youth,
Using her to stimulate another, oh so alone with her tears, 
No childhood, just stems, dried up leaves and tomorrow,
Today, still she is struggling to hold onto small bits of clarity.
Wounds inflicted, tender years, torn out flesh, affect her still,
Sleep is the stranger in the long, silent night that now holds,
Her hostage, for longing nor craving, does not deliver change,
Peace from her thoughts, fears, and unrestful self, come slowly,
Seeking stillness, she buries her pain in a recurring point of sorrow.
The one who bore her tore at her ingenious, cheerful heart,
Sickness fell from her seeping into that precious baby girl,
Scrambled glass bulbs, new food for breakfast, served up now,
Roots are tangled, the soil is dark, deep and bitter here,
Leaving, still so young, a runaway, her only choice you see.
Closure non-existent, periods repeat the cycle for a time.
Drowning, falling, unchecked reality as days drift by,
Until a visit of love comes through the phone like a lily,
Spreading pollen, staining yellow, a reminder of what was there,
We talk of better days, comfort, love, and that which stills her.
We reflect, and relish on the gifted, warmer days of our youth,
Together we spread them out like melted butter in the sun’s heat,
Singing old tunes, finding treasures one or the other has forgotten,
My heart is united with my little sis, I love her sweet kindness,
Smiling, crying, laughing, a shared prayer, and then a heartfelt goodbye!

4 thoughts on “Shared Pain with Little Sis

    1. Thank you so much for your support and kind words. I hope that those that have been hurt can also find forgiveness. We are all fighting our own hardships. My parents certainly had their struggles growing up with their own families. That is why this becomes a generational disease.

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