Piece of Heaven

A brown, spotted lizard raced quickly and quietly across a jagged rock,
While the gentle water fairies flew and sang in a most cheerful fashion,
A unicorn’s horn cleansed the budding stream, and a maiden wandered near,
The meadow elves ate clover, while great flocks of birds sang for all to hear!  

Mermaids splashed and laughed, as they combed one anothers’ golden hair,
Others dipped their tails around the water, making rainbows dance around,
Fish jumped joyfully in their schools, or swam in the water’s sweetest spot,
As thoughtful, loving words were exchanged, for here, no one ever fought.

Children laughed with abandon while riding elephants, zebras and gold lions,
Flowers bloomed with unknown colors, while women and babies played,
No hunger, thirst or pain was known, but grace, fulfilled promises and light,
As illumination and mercy were endless, for The Garden knew no night!

New arrivals came every day, the shadow people they were often called,
Until they knew where they were, and they would leap with childlike wonder,
They came from every spot within, to listen as angelic voices would now sing,
Heavenly music now filled the air, as all kneeled to worship God, our King!

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