The Birth of Our Earth

So our Lord created light, and it was then separated by the vast darkness,
magnitudes of water emerged unspoiled, divided now by vivid blue sky,
and immense trees, foliage and vegetation of all hues were birthed.

God then sprinkled the heavens with a multiplicity of intensely bright stars!
Perfect was the sun created which gave forth radiance for the day break,
as our moon blessed the firmaments with its pale light for the dusk. 

Then God filled the vast sea waters with an array of life, great and small,
and exquisite fowl filled the heavens with voluminous hues of color!
Their song a chorus of unequal sonatas which graced the land and skies.

Then our Lord honored us with the grandeur of the small and mighty beast,
and the earth was embraced by all creatures that also slithered forth.
Such bequests showed the impenetrable love of our Creator and of our Lord! 

God created us in his own image and bestowed upon man such noble trust,
as he imparted dominion of all his creation and astonishing beauty to man!
Oh how he treasured and loved us as he placed man in the heart of his world! 

Let’s not destroy each other or the beauty of God’s majestic and splendid gift,
we must preserve the earth, try and do our part, but we need not fear,
for our eternal home is in God’s new world for we are all fleeting visitors here!


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