Who Hears Their Cries

Oh so sad my injured heart, for this day, so many lie in senseless pain, drenched in the dreaded plight of their trust and innocence,
while many politicians and world rulers play their insensitive game.

Those aspired expensive fences, borders, more ways to separate us all,
the poor, rich, brown, yellow, white, mother and father,
but where did their children go and who knows where their infants crawl?

Who succors the ghastly cries of the mothers whose child is gone away?
As she lies apathetic and helpless upon a mattress behind bars,
lost in a social system, she hears from no one, now she must hope and pray! 

In another kingdom more await their fate, lives turned again upside down,
will a plane come to take them to a place they’ve never seen,
unlike the excited vacationer who saves money and is Jamaica bound!

A lone tear wets my shirt, my ducts are dry, from all my earthly sorrow,
my hope is in my Lord and Savior and so I reach out to Him,
God must be sad too, for he hears the cries, and prayers for our tomorrow.

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